Friday, April 2, 2010

524-Programming-Baby & Toddler Reading Time

I decided that during my Spring Break I would find a program that interested me either at the library close to me or the library close to Devin and attend.  Unfortunatly, all the programs close to me cost money and well...I'm broke after visitng a friend in Nebraska for the first part of my break.  So I decided on the Baby and Toddler Reading Time which is held Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.  Parents can bring their babies and toddlers up to 2 years old for stories, songs, and social interaction.  Since it is the week before Easter, the librarian chose stories about chicks, bunnies, and Springtime.  She read two stories to the kids and then together they learned some songs with hand motions.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  There were only about 5 babies with their moms present.  The librarian said they usually have a few more but with schools being on Spring Break she had expected fewer in attendance.  After they read and sang, the librarian let the children play with the toys and eachother.  The actual program only lasted about 15 mins, but parents lingered with their kids playing for about another 15-20 minutes.  This not only gave the kids time to socialize with other babies, but the moms got a chance to talk to other moms as well.

I really like the idea of this type of program.  I think it is good for babies to learn to play with other babies and it is definitely a good idea for moms to have other moms to talk to as well.  The library also does a preschool program as well as other age groups throughout the month.

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