Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, for some reason I totally spaced it on having to blog about my lab.  Looking now at my blog, I see that I posted about getting started, but failed to update.  ahhh....the joys of having too much on your plate.  So to catch you up....

I sent out my fictional form to 6 of my friends and family.  I figured I needed 5 so if someone flaked, I was covered.  I got all six back and all were really well filled out except one.  

I chose my Mom since well, she is my mom and a reading specialist.  I know we love reading the same things but was interested to see what she would put on her form.  She said she liked Jane Austen, historical fiction, humor, and mystery.  I found her a book written in 2007 about Mr. Darcy, a mystery/romance series from Meg Cabot, and one of the historical fiction books about WWII I read for this class but had forgotten about already.  Over all she liked the list and was looking forward to reading them over the summer.

I also asked my best friend, Mandy, to fill out the form since she is currently flying through books.  We have been been on a vampire kick since we read Twilight but she also likes Sophie Kinsella. She loves reading series books.  I found her a series called Vampire Kiss that I am now dying to read as well.   I also found a series that Kinsella recommended about girls in a boarding school and each book covers one year in the school.  They encounter lots of girl drama.  Since Mandy and I are Jacob fans after seeing the last movie...hello, he is HOT....she also wanted me to look for topics on shapeshifters.  I found a series about shapeshifters that form into werewolves.  After looking at my list and reading the information that I put with it, she is excited to finish Burned byProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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.C. & Kristen Cast so she can start on those 3 series.  (She needs to hurry with Burned, I get it next!) She is hoping to finish those 3 series before the school year is out because for some reason she has not read Harry Potter and plans on doing that over the summer.

Well that is the length of my first break of the be continued!

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