Monday, February 22, 2010

524-Finger Lickin' Fifteen

Title: Finger Lickin' Fifteen
Author: Janet Evanovich
Genre: Mystery/Humor

I had never picked up a Janet Evanovich novel until I read this one.  I always wondered what all the hype was about.  My aunt is addicted to them which is why it gave me the idea to read one.  I can remember over the past few years on family vacations or get togethers that my aunt would be reading and all of a sudden be laughing so hard she had to close the book until she was done.  She would laugh so hard she was crying...and my aunt does not laugh quietly.  Those of us around her would simply be laughing because she was.  It is hysterical to watch. 

The week after we started class I was sitting with our text thinking "what books do I want to read?"  I called my aunt and asked her what genre those books would be.  She said Humor and when I said that wasn't in our book she suggested mystery.  She gave me "Finger Linckin' Fifteen" and assured me I would not need to read the first 14 before reading this one.  She was right.

Stephanie Plum, the inept "bounty hunter," goes off another adventure trying to track down the men who jumped bail as well as the men ripping off the Rangerman accounts.  While trying to manage all that, she has to deal with her friend, Lula, who is trying to not get killed by the guys she witnesses decapitate a man in front of her car.  Lula and Grandma are also trying to create a winning barbeque recipe that is mission impossible since Lula can't cook and Grandma is used to a much different type of cooking.  The two men in Stephanie's life also prove to cause her stress and drama.  Should she go for the hot Ranger or cop Morelli?  Personally I vote for hot Ranger.  In the end, as any good mystery or fun read, everything works out for the best and along the way we have laughed ourselves silly.

Lula in tight bright yellow pants and a black flak jacket stuck hanging out the car window.....and her breasts falling out of her shirt....need I say more????


  1. I guess I still don't get the whole Janet Evanovich thing, but it's enough for me to know there are people out there who *do* get it. That makes it worth knowing about, IMO.

  2. Good Times! You have so many more adventures in the Burg to enjoy. And my vote is for Joe - Ranger is NO GOOD except in a very limited capacity.