Tuesday, March 2, 2010

524-Smart Girls Think Twice

Title: Smart Girls Think Twice
Author: Cathie Linz
Genre: Romance

I think for genre we should really call this "Hot Romance" since it isn't for the those who like sex to be a "behind closed doors, private thing that nobody talks about thing."  Linz does a good job of making us wish we were Emma being seduced by Jake in this story.  Emma is the "smart sister" as the people in her hometown refer to her.  She is a sociologist who teaches and works at a university in Boston.  She has come back home to her very small town for the summer to attend her sisters's weddings and to do research on what attracts outsiders to her hometown.  She is teased by her family for being boringly dressed and not into snatching up a man.  Emma walks into a bar to interview a newcomer to town and finds herself distracted by the hot bartender (who is the newcomer.)

Jake is an extreme sports athlete who left the sport after a tragic accident on a mountain that he barely survived and which unfortunatly killed his best friend.  He is on a personal journey to find his birth mother who is from this very small town he has found himself tending bar in.  Jake is used to being with "ski bunny" model type women and never thought a sociologist would bring him to his knees.

Even though this is a very hot and steamy romance, I enjoyed the story itself as well.  The characters in the book were entertaining and brought a lot to the story.

To spare anyone any uncomfortable reading, I won't go into detail about the "hot" parts, but if you need to get your engines revved up be sure to read this one!  (Be sure to warn your man first since you will be liable to jump him after you have finished the book!)

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