Saturday, February 6, 2010

574-Project 1

My information could be used for students who are studying animals.  It could be a starting point for them or an example of how to compile information.  When I chose my topic, I chose it for myself so really I wouldn't need to share my information with anyone since I just wanted to know the answers for my own personal interest.  This information is important to me becuase of my interest in elephants.  I love learning about them. 

I created the Power Point since it is what I am teaching my older students.  They are learning how to create PPT's and all the options that are available to them in the program.  I can use this PPT to show them next week as an example of transistions, slide design, and importing pictures.

I enjoyed making the Power Point as a way to display what I found.  I like that each slide can be its own subtopic or answer to one of my research questions.

I hope by viewing my PPT you will learn a little more about elephants.  If anything spikes your interest and you want to see where I got my information, see my previous posts that contain my bibliography.

Sommers-Project 1 Elephant Product, PPT

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