Saturday, February 6, 2010

574-Project 1

As I already discussed in my Wrapping step, that even though I did this project for me, I do plan on showing it to my students to show them PPT and to share with the younger students the information and pictures that I found about elephants.

I already posted my project in the Waving post....


  1. Nichole-

    I also made a power point "for me", but I would also be willing to share it with the kids. I do a number of elephant themed storytimes, and I know the topic is always a big hit with my groups.
    I agree with your comment that following a research model was a weakness. I had never done that either. All in all, though, it looks like you've done a good job.

    Holly Curtsinger

  2. I think it's fantastic that you're going to share your project with the kids! Like you said earlier in your blog, your students have become interested in animals because you've used elephants in the classroom so often. Not only will they be able to follow your example of incorporating things that interest them into their everyday lives, but they can now follow your research example!

    No matter what model they decide they like, I think your example will inspire them to consult, if not follow, their own choice of model to guide their learning. Well done!