Sunday, March 7, 2010

General classes....

I know I have mentioned to some readers of this blog how frustrating this online I am taking is.  It has officially reached a new level of frustration....If I am in tears over an assignment, I would say that it is too hard.  Actually, let me rephrase.  The assignment itself is not hard.  Write a lesson plan....I do that every day.  Its nothing like my lesson plans....way too complicated and teachers never write or use this detailed of plans, but I get that she wants us to "think" it completely through.  That's fine.  But we have to use Wikispace to display our work.  I can only handle so much "new technology" at a time.  I have figured out this "blog" thing, why can't we just keep using that???  Why torture me with a wiki that isn't even our Oncourse wiki???  I could do that.  Maybe.  I just hate being made to feel stupid and to the point of tears.  My anxiety attacks have lessened quite a bit since leaving my previous school.  So far this year has been great....however, this online class is killing me.  I finally get something mastered and then let's just throw me for a loop.  Part of this is my own fault.  I am a perfectionist and I don't like not knowing something.  I don't do this well.  The over achiever in me is screaming and scared that I may fail.  Will I?  Ofcourse not, that has never been an option or even allowed to be in my vocabulary throughout my life.  I have 3 weeks to figure this thing out.  Can I just write in Word and copy and paste to this Wiki thing?  I don't want to have to design or create a website which is what I am feeling like this thing is.  Ofcourse it would be easier to just write the thing in word and post it in Oncourse in a forum.  Everyone would still be able to read it and comment on it which is what we have to do with this Wiki thing.

UUUUGGGGG!!!!!!!  I don't know which is harder: being the newbie in Step Areobics this morning or figuring out this Wiki thing.  I am feeling like a fish out of water in both.


  1. Based on other things you've said, I think the main issue you have with online classes is the conflict in learning styles, not what type of technology you are using. I know you could adopt virtually any kind of technology if you felt you had someone you could talk to, who can show you have to do things. Am I all wet on these thoughts? It always amazes me that, when people do mostly online classes, they believe they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I hate 'em, but for different reasons than you.

  2. I meant "HOW to do things". Oops.

  3. Michael, you are exactly right. If I read something, I learn nothing. If I hear it, I understand it at that moment and later forget. If you show me and I do it, I understand it and will remember it. Mom (a Reading Specialist) says I have a memory issue which is why post its and making lists save me. And why I ask LOTS of questions, and hopefully don't drive you crazy with all of them!!!! You totally saved me last semester!