Sunday, January 31, 2010

574-Project 1

When I looked at the technology requirements and was deciding which ones I wanted to try, I saw  I have used their RubiStar many times and loved it so as I was looking through their home page I saw NoteStar.  This website helps students to keep track of their notes and sources.  Winner!  I signed up and after a while, I have figured it out.

When searching the websites, I would click on Note Card which was installed by NoteStar.  A box pops up and you fill in all the information.  It asks you what project it is for and what topic or subtopic you want it filed under.  (You create this in the "manage projects" section.)  There is a place for you to put the publication year, organization sponsoring the site as well as other bibliographical information.  The best part is there is an open box that lets you type notes about that website or copy and paste the information you want to keep.  You have the option to choose "my own words" or "quote" and once you hit create note your information is saved and organized for you on NoteStar.  There is even a function for viewing the bibliography!  So far it is a hit.  It also keeps track of your sources that are not online.

When I was loking through my websites, before I chose to Note them, I would look at who was responsible for the content of the page.  The zoos and other educational well known names I considered to be reputible sites.  It was also reassuring that the information was consistent from site to site.

When I started this project, I had a general background knowledge about elephants and it has been reassuring that what I thought to be true is and that the information I am finding just elaborates on those facts.  I knew that males did not stay with the herd.  I did not know however, that they left at about 14 or 15 years old to travel on their own in search of a female in a herd that was in heat.

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