Saturday, January 23, 2010

574--Project 1 Inquiry Ideas

Well, I am a bit overwhelmed when looking at the directions and requirements for Project 1 so I am going to take this slow and hope I do it right.

Some subject ideas I have had is:
The Holocaust--a subject I have always loved learning about.  I am particularly facinated with the children's stories.  What they went through, how they survived, what are they doing now if they are still alive.

Down Syndrome--my 14 year old cousin and her twin who passed away at 6 weeks old were born with DS.  While she is my cousin I always think of her as my baby.  She and her sister, Anna who is 17 and an academic genius, are the joys of my life.  Since Alana was born, I have been fascinated with DS and can't learn enough about it.  I do anything I can to help Alana be successful.

Elephants--I collect elefantes (spanish word I usually use when I refer to them) and decorate my house with them.  I love visiting the zoo (I am a member) and spending most of my time there at the elefantes just watching them.  They are beautiful animals!

Those are my 3 ideas.  Hopefully after reading the directions for the project a few more times (I have already read them 3 times) I can make a decision by tomorrow and begin the next part....whatever that is!!!


  1. You've got a great start so far.

    Annette :-)

  2. Michael-field trip to the zoo this spring??? Devin and I love to go!

  3. I have an interest in the Holocaust as well-my family came over from Germany and my grandmother grew up during World War 2 so it was always interesting hearing the stories she had to tell...