Tuesday, January 19, 2010

524--Wicked....Am I done yet?

Well, over the weekend I officially choked down over 100 pages of this "wonderful" book.  I am currently on page 260 of 400 and am hoping to complete it by our class on Thursday.  Is it getting better?  Yes and No.  I have finally found a story line I can follow even though at each new section of the book it has jumped years ahead and I spend the next few pages trying to figure out what is going on.  Is it still wierd strange crude and just plain gross at parts---yes.  As I have described it to my friends, it is porn.  I am all about the hot and steamy romance novels that I freely admit to reading.  However, this is not HUMAN!  These are Wizard of Oz characters and well, I am sorry, but it is just not cool.  Not too keen on the way it is talked about either...very vulgar. 

Currently, the Wicked Witch is not yet Wicked or even known as a witch, I think.  I could be missing some things since I tend to doze off every 10 pages or so....I could put it down right now and never read another page and be totally ok with that.

But, I will finish it just so I can say I did.  From what I hear the play is awesome and leaves out the parts that I do not like.  So, I will look forward to that.

This now ends my status report on the hardest book I have ever forced myself to read.....
Until next time...Happy reading, Folks!

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  1. Yeah You! So glad you won the fight of Nichole versus the Text.